Vicki Hawes

5 Stars

I have been attending massages from Steph for quite some years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. My friends and family have also become clients of Steph along the way. She is always knowledgeable on any topic I may have queries about regarding the presenting problem area. We call her " magic fingers "

John Smith

5 Stars

I enjoyed the massage. Stephanie was able to relax those tight muscles and soothe those that were sore. I felt very relaxed after it. Stephanie was very pleasant to talk with but also enabled me not to talk when that was appropriate. She was also able to tell me how the various muscles etc felt and the best way to relax them. Thanks Stephanie for a very pleasant massage.

Lionel Stratford

5 Stars

I was very happy with the massage provided by Stephanie and my sore neck felt much better afterwards. I would recommend her to my family and friends in the future.